Some Friends Webpages

Becca's Blog
Steven's Journal
Ian's Journal
Mel's Journal
Another friend's Journal
Another friend's Journal, and husband to above.
Russ and Lisa Grandgeorg's Websight and Blogs
Christian Starr's (Raft builder) Journal

String Games / Cat's Craddle

International String Figure Association
String Games Games - Navajo
String Games - Waldorf School
World-Wide Webs
WWW Collection of Favorite String Figures
Shoelace knots and laceings

Stilt Stuff
Powerisers @ Superdairyboy
Stiltwerks, Inc - Precision Engineering

My Hammock

Moskito Camping Hammock
REI - Camping Hammock

My Keyboard thing

AlphaSmart I have the AlphaSmart 3000

Other Usefull stuff (At least I think so)

Online Spellchecker
Online .PDF Viewer
Sun Delecration
The Mudcat Cafe
The Edward Gorey House
The Beard Community Bulletin Board
Humanitarian Early Warning Service
Red Cross Safe and Well List

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